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Lunch Register

Aimed at: Reception / Year One

This class tool is designed to be displayed each morning so that children can place their names on today's lunch choice as they come into class.

The image for each child is selected based on the initial letter of their name. Please use FIRST NAMES ONLY!

No names are sent back to ictgames. All of the names are saved only on the machine you are using.

To use this resource you must first choose a password. The password is used to encrypt the children's names. The names are saved on the device you are using, so this job needs to be done in the classroom. Why not take a photo of your password and keep it on your classroom wall so that supply teachers can quickly find it. The children will love telling them what to do!

The 'Background' button lets you choose from a range of possible lunch and home time possibilities. Choose one and the game will always open with that background.

Interactive screens and projectors vary. Some will be clearer than others. For that reason you can decide whether you want the names to be inside a white box, simply toggle the 'boxes' check box.


How many children's names can I enter? -You can enter up to 33 names.

Help the names are all crazy letters! -If this is the case you have entered the wrong password. Refresh the page and try again. There are 9.5 million possibilities!

Can I change my password? -Sorry, no. Once you've entered the names there is no way to change the password except clear the names and starting again.

I've got a new child, can I add them? - Absolutely you can add or remove children via the 'Enter Names' button.

I've got a child with [punctuation] in their name. Can I add them? - Sorry you cannot currently use punctuation in a name, e.g Sha'e would have to be Shae.

Why do we need a password? -The names aren't sent back to ictgames or anywhere else. They are instead saved as a plain text file (like a cookie) on your device. Data protection is incredibly important, for that reason the names are encrypted.

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